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Club Challenge

6 Week / 12 Minute Workout

Here are the Rules:

  • 12 minute daily workout to be completed over 6 weeks. 
  • Each exercise is for 30 seconds.
  • No break between exercises.
  • 30 seconds between circuits.
  • Complete each circuit 4 times.
  • Fast and effective.

Program Details:

Squats, Step Ups, Ab Curl, Plank, Press Up, Bent over Row

Lunges, Burpees, Elevated Curl, Tricep Dips, Bicep Curl, Pelvic Lifts

Squat Thrusts, Dead Lift, Oblique Curl, Back Extension, Shoulder Press, Chest Press

Double Hand Swing, Reverse Lunge, Torso Twist (Kettle Bell), Pec Fly, Hammer Curl, Upright Row

Skipping, Wide Leg Squats, Side Plank, Tricep Extention, Ball Press Up, Single Arm Row

Strides, Single Hand Swing, Medicine Ball Curls, Plank Combo, Incline Chest Press, Bar Curl

Exercise Demonstrations



Step Up

Ab Curl



Press Up

Bent Over Row



Elevated Curl

Tricep Dip

Bicep Curl

Pelvic Lift

Squat Thrust

Dead Lift

Oblique Curl

Back Extension

Shoulder Press

Chest Press

Double Hand Swing

Reverse Lunge

Torso Twist (Kettle Bell)

Pec Fly

Hammer Curl

Upright Row


Wide Leg Squat

Side Plank

Tricep Extension

Ball Press Up

Single Arm Row


Single Hand Swing

Medicine Ball Curls

Plank Combo

Incline Chest Press

Bar Curl



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